Terms & Condition for WP Autocerfa Plugin

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Stock Car Listing From Autocerfa” plugin is developed and maintained by OP Code Space. OP Code Space will support plugin related to any issue. For free Version, OP Code Space does not store any data. It just checks he is paid user or not with a token. OP Code Space stores Name and Email of a paid user during purchasing the plugin, and provide a token.  This plugin passes token and checks the validation he is paid or not. This plugin does not send any personal or business data to OP Code Space.

OP Code Space may send offers and new features to the paid user if he agrees to get the notification. Otherwise, he will not get any email from us, except for any emergency email.

Stock Car Listing From Autocerfa” plugin relies on the autocerfa.com. When autocerfa.com will be terminated, this plugin will work no longer. OP Code Space will refund the remaining balance. 

Listing designs can be compromised with your website theme or other plugins. Fixing these issues are not included in subscription payment. Our team can help with an additional charge or you can fix from your end.  If you ask for a refund within 30 days we will do.

OP Code Space does not provide any harmful code in the plugin. Somehow your site is hacked or destroyed your website data, this plugin will not be responsible for that accident.