Autocerfa Connector Pro

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100 / year

  • Auto Sync from Autocerfa to your website
  • Displaying Unlimited Cars
  • Shortlisted cars on any page or section
  • Slider with highlighted cars
  • Premium Support



Now you are able to connect your Autocerfa account to your WordPress website with this connector plugin. Automatically it synchronizes all stock cars from Autocerfa and pushes them to your website. Your customer can filter and see all cars. Even you can display highlighted cars on any page. 

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    How does this plugin work with autocerfa?
    This plugin requires your authorization to syncronize all stock cars. Autocerfa provides only details of stock car and images. This plugin saves these information and images in your server.
    Is it secure?
    This plugin does not save your login credentials but autocerfa token. Autocerfa provides only details of stock car and images. We recommend to install ssl in your server if not have.
    Can I cancel subscription anytime?
    Yes, you can do anytime. Just go on my account > Subscriptions. You will get access fully until your current billing cycle will be completed.
    How can I get support from you?
    If any issue is related to this plugin, just email us. We generally respond within 24 hrs.
    How does the payment process work?
    Our payment gateway partner is Stripe. Stripe and WooCommence hanlde all the payment process. We don't save your card data in our server. So you are fully save.
    Terms & Condition
    This car listing plugins relies on the When will be terminated, this plugin will no longer works. Opcodespace will refund the remaining balance. Opcodespace does not store anything come from autocerfa. Just it stores users' name and email. It does not promote anything with his permission.