We know woocommerce is wordpress based which is most popular. Woocomerce has a large number of plugins to provide best solution for your business. It is true a plugin cannot cover all need. Woocommerce is powerful as it allows to extend the features without touch core files. Really enjoying to extend the features. Every day I extend features in wocoomerce and its popular plugins.

Project Requirements

  1. Admin sends email with contract file to main applicant from.
  2. After signing the contract form, email is forwarded to 2nd applicant.
  3. Applicant information should be passed to contract pdf file from Infusionsoft (Keap).
  4. Admin can see progress of signing of applicants.
  5. Final signed contract file should be viewable from Infusionsoft (Keap).
  6. Must need cheaper solution
  7. Multiple contract file

Client wanted manageable system. So he could control contract pdf file, applicants, Viewing signing details.


Challenging Part

Providing cheaper solution without compromising process. Some signing plugins like docusign, adobe sign could be used but those are not cheaper. Also there 3rd party for signing contract supports Infusionsoft. However, client needed extra cost every month for this solution.



I am a PHP programmer and proficient at PDF form. Moreover I experienced at Infudionsoft API. That is why I could provide solution in my own way without using any paid 3rd party.

What I needed: 

  1. A PHP based web server.
  2. jQuery signing library which is open source.
  3. mpdf library which help to write user information on pdf file. This is also open source.

I combined library and Infusionsoft API. Moreover I developed manageable system in wordpress, and client can see information in Infusionsoft.