Increasing Performance of WordPress Site Containing High Volume Data

We need faster wordpress website. On the other hand we use more plugins, elegant theme to speed up the development. Sometimes wordpress is getting failed for using more plugins aspects of loading speed. When high volume data in our site, more business logic, we have to think about every micro second. This is not always easy. Recently I have developed real state website in wordpress. I had to focus on performance.

Project Requirements

  1. Managing Larger Database – 25K Listings
  2. During Updating Larger Data, user should not be affected.
  3. Maintain elegant design
  4. Obviously loading should be faster

You can see the site here.

Challenging Part

By default real estate related theme is getting heavier gradually, Could not manage properly huge data and google lat and long data. On the other hand updating larger data including images are not easier because user  will browse, other other hand system will update.



I dig into theme and find out why page size is getting larger. I found the issue and fix that.

Another challenges was updating data, images without loosing user experience.  I developed feeding and tracking system. At certain interval track what I updated and what I need to be updated at short time.

What I needed: 

  1. Absolutely I needed well configured ngix server. I used vultr VPS server.
  2. Redis for Database Cache
  3. Browser cache for cloudflare.


Really site is faster!!! You cannot think larger database in wordpress.